Which Cat Litter is Best?

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Cats can be resourceful with their bathroom habits, so it is important to provide your cats with a litter box that meets their standards if you want to deal with regular mess at home.

Cat litter boxes have their own problems, including smells, dust and of course the occasional cat that refuses to use them. But compared to dog parents who take their puppies for daily walks in bad weather, it is much easier for cat owners to get a litter box than to train a pet.

Keep at least one litter box for each cat in the house, ideally one or more. In this way, none of your cats will be prevented from disappearing from the litter box when it is occupied.

How To Clean Cat Litter

Good cat litter is the one that makes your cat use cat litter more efficiently. It controls odours and makes it convenient and easy to keep a cat litter tray clean. Many people prefer clumping or shovelable cat litter because they can remove both solid and liquid waste from the box throughout the day.

Best Odourless Cat Litter

Carly Fox, an assistant physician at Animal Medical Center, says that clumping litter is the best solution for most cats and owners. Cat litter options to choose from range from clumped cat litter options to dust-free options for sensitive cats living in your household. For cats and people with allergies and people with allergies, litter is better non-clumping, dust and odourless, and paper-based litter is recommended for young kittens.

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Cat Litter Freshener

To stimulate this instinctive desire, the bottom of a litter box should be filled with 5 cm or less of cat litter. Find a collection of litter for the cat litter tray, a pan or cat litter tray mat, cat litter trays and cat litter tray cleaner and deodorizer. Some brands contain baking soda that absorbs such odors and owners can also sprinkle a thin layer with cat litter on the bottom of the box.  

Dust-Free Cat Litter

McKeon likes that it doesn’t produce as much dust as other waste, and it lasts longer. Arm & Hammer also has a dust-free option that clumps together moisture-activated micro-granules, making it easier to clean the box.

Cat Litter Furniture

A fun and functional way to deal with litter bins is to have a furniture structure that keeps the standard sized box hidden and allows the kitty easy access.

Clay Litter

The first commercially available cat litter in the United States, Kitty litter, was available and marketed by Ed Lowe in 1947. Clay cat litter is the oldest type of commercial cat litter still sold. Clay is the most popular cat litter substance due to its ability to absorb liquids.

Clumping Cat Litter

Clumped litter is made from medium-grained clay, is dust-free and does a great job of odour control. Clay litter is more absorbent than sand and is made from large lumps of clay, making it less likely to get into the litter box. Note that the clumping is very strong and if you leave it too long, solid clumping can find its way to the bottom of the box and removing it can be a challenge.

What cat litter do you currently use for your cats and how do you keep it fresh? We’d love to know.

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