Fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers like you, choose this plan so that they can do what they love the most while not worrying about their social media tasks being automatically taken care of.

The Self-Employed plan is just a beginning of your marketing automation journey. There are tens of other automation tasks you can benefit from when you are ready to take it to the next level and upgrade to the Small Business or Marketing Agency plans.

For now, let’s kick off with this simple plan to see how it helps you grow without spending a minute on this task for a whole month.

Save 8-10 hours this month and every month!

What You Get

1 task per day for 30 days.

Self-Employed Automation Plan

Choose LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Self-Employed Automation Plan

Replace your task or upgrade.

Self-Employed Automation Plan

$1 per day, for 30 days!