Saving on rent and bills while cat sitting

One of the best perks of cat sitting is the notion of saving on rent or utility bills. The concept of exchanging cat sitting services with staying over at cat owners’ houses is amazing.

Back home where I first started rescuing, fostering or cat sitting, it was all done at my home. The culture is different in the Middle East when it comes to cat owners hosting you at their houses. It is not common in Lebanon.

Moving to the UK and spending my holidays in the US, and thanks to the great House Sitters UK and House Sitters America websites, I have been saving on months and months of rent and utility bills.

This doesn’t mean I had no other expenses, of course besides buying your own groceries and personal stuff, you may incur some expenses, mainly related to transportation and travel. And sometimes, you may end up staying over in a hotel such as Roomzzz Aparthotels or Airbnb.


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