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Tigerino Crystals Classic Cat Litter at a glance: Stops odours in seconds Extremely absorbent – light and efficient Simple, dust-free use Inhibits bacterial growth Tigerino Crystals Classic Silicate Litter can absorb nearly its own weight in liquid, locking away urine, odours and germs! The litter is characterised by its silicate structure that stops nasty smells quickly. The special crystals allow moisture to evaporate, while odour molecules stay bonded in the crystals. Each grain of Tigerino has countless micro-pores that quickly suck up moisture, keeping your cat’s litter box dry and fresh for longer. How long does 5 litres of Tigerino last?: 1 cat: approx. 25-35 days 2 cats: approx. 15-20 days 3 cats: approx. 8-12 days Find the ideal accessories for your cat’s litter at zooplus: Litter Disposal Bins Covered Litter Boxes Litter Deodorant Products

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