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Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK. The Scorched Wood Cat Tree is a lovely addition to your home.

It is made with top quality, natural materials and the wood has been “burned” to give it a very beautiful and unique finish. No two cat trees look the same.

The sturdy base plate is made from solid wood battens and the posts are covered in a solid wood cladding with the same scorched effect.

The wood is a gorgeous, warm brown colour and the “scorched” effect emphasises the beautiful grain markings on the wood, making each cat tree unique and very special.

Some sections of the wood covered posts are covered in brown, extra thick, natural sisal.

The sisal has a diameter of 10mm so it can withstand the craziest of scratching sessions.

The scratch posts allow your cat to indulge its natural instincts without ruining your furniture.

The lovely basket and den are handmade from woven water hyacinth, a beautiful and unusual material.

The high sides of the basket form a cosy area where your cat can snooze, or if it prefers, it can hide away in the snuggly den.

There are soft, removable cushions which are easy to keep clean.

This cat tree is a real winner.

Not only will your cat love it, it will also look stunning in your home.

The Scorched Wood Cat Tree at a glance:

Colour: brown

Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 139 cm (L x W x H) Max. footprint (platform/sleeping area protrudes slightly): approx. 80 x 78 cm (L x W)

Natural materials:

“Burned” solid wood battens

Very thick natural sisal approx. diameter 10mm

Handwoven water hyacinth baskets

All cushions: Approx. diameter 40 x H 5 cm

Cushion cover: Plush (100% polyester)

Filling: soft fleece

Removable Washable up to 30°C (hand wash only) 1 base plate: 58 x 58 x 5 cm (L x W x H)

Made from “burned” solid wood battens

Plastic feet 1 basket with high sides: Approx. diameter 45 x H 21 cm 1 platform with edge: Diameter 45 x H 10 cm 1 den: Diameter 45 x H 37 cm

Entrance: Approx. diameter 32cm 3 posts, 12 x 12 cm (L x W): Solid wood cladding “Burned” surface Partially covered with natural brown sisal 1 x 95cm 1 x 60cm 1 x 15cm

Care and safety information: Please note that the water hyacinth leaves used to manufacture the baskets have been coloured in order to achieve the desired dark colour for this product.

You should avoid cleaning the water hyacinth baskets with water or other liquids, as this can lead to colour loss and staining.

Important information: As an added safety measure to support any cat tree as well as to prevent it accidentally tipping, we recommend using a wall bracket to secure the cat tree.

Please check the product regularly for any damage, loose joints or screws and replace the item when it becomes defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

Tips for fixing to the wall: Check that the condition of the wall in the desired place is suitable before affixing brackets to the wall.

Materials for mounting brackets are not included.

We recommend that you purchase screws and wall plugs that are specifically designed to suit your wall from a specialised shop.

Use special wall plugs and screws for concrete, hollow walls or plasterboard.

Check the stability of the cat tree before allowing your cat to use it.

Check the stability regularly and tighten the screws when needed.

Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.

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