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Royal Canin Fibre Response is a complete food for adult cats with acute or chronic constipation.

It has been specifically developed as a short-term food (usually used for around 3-4 weeks) for treating cases of constipation.

Fibre Response will encourage softer but not diarrhoeic stools to ease constipation.

The food will encourage digestive security with a blend of carefully selected and easily digestible ingredients.

These include rice, fish oil, chicory pulp and prebiotics (FOS andamp; mannan-oligo-saccharides) and highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.). Omega 3 long chain fatty acids will support overall digestive health.

Easy intestinal transit and is promoted with soluble fibres and psyllium.

This will help to ease discomfort and produce soft stools. The food also contain a synergistic antioxidant complex which will support your cat’s immune system, DNA and will help to neutralise free radicals….

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