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Slow down feeding speed and train intelligence: The dog toy treat grooves are the right size, which will help slow down the dog’s feeding speed, and protect gastrointestinal health. Puzzle dogs can train dogs to use their intelligence to move moving parts, to get food. This kind of dog toy helps to improve the intelligence of the animal and makes it active rather than lazy. Safe and Durable Material: The dog puzzle toy is made of high quality ABS material, which is bite resistant and safe. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. Smart Design: The puppy intelligence toy has 14 treat grooves and 8 moving parts. Pets can eat while they play, train dogs to eat well, and improve intelligence Bottom anti-slip design: Use stable and raised anti-slip pad at the bottom, it is to enlarge the surface and increase resistance during sliding. Secure the position of the dog toy and do not slide easily. Fun and Convenient: This puzzle dog toy reduces dog boredom, encourages pets to spend more time

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