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【4 IN 1 Natural Catnip Ball Toys】 100% brand new and high quality. Made with catnipt and other herbs. Natural and edible, which can make your cat healthy and interesting. These ingredients are good for the health of the cat, not only help the cat to shed the fur in the stomach, but also to clean the teeth and stimulate the appetite. 【Detachable structure】 The bottom of four ball bases with different tastes is double-sided thick adhesive paste, which can be disassembled separately and can be fixed on sofa, ceramic tile, door, window, furniture, etc. attract the cat to lick it automatically. (Do not stick catnip toys on the wall, when there is wallpaper or powder on the wall, so as not to damage the wall)

【Rotating Catnip Ball Toy】 Each ball is not fixed, it can be rotated up and down. When the cat licks it, it spins. Which is very interesting and easy to catch the cat’s attention. It’s not just a cat snack, but a fun catnip toy! 【With dust cover】 Each rotating catnip ball has a

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