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If you’re new to wall-mounted cat furniture, the Catipilla Bundle is a simple way to get you going.

This bundle is pre-made with a selection of our most popular climbing & resting units. All of our bundles are discounted. This Bundle includes: 1 x Catipilla Mini Climber, 1 x Catipilla High Plate & 1 x Catipilla Cushion. The Mini is a 95cm climber that sits at the heart of this installation. Combining an elegant design with practical use, the Catipilla Mini encourages cats to climb in the most natural way possible & makes unique use of vertical space. The High Plate acts as an elevated vantage point, allowing cats to keep watch over the surrounding area in their own stress-free sanctuary. The High Plate was developed alongside the Catipilla Mini to act as a destination point for all active cats. The surface is scalloped making this the perfect place for any cat to snuggle down in. The Catipilla Cushion is included for added comfort. Available in various colour combinations: This unit comes in 3 x Primary Colour Options: Jet Black, Gunmetal Grey & Pure White. These are the colours for the Tread Plates & High Plate. The mounting fixings will be matched to the Primary Colour chosen: Black Tread Plates with a Dark Grey Pillar, Gunmetal Grey Tread Plates with a Light Grey Pillar & Pure White Tread Plate with a White Pillar. The Catipilla Cushion is a dark grey colour. 3 x ‘Secondary Colour’ options are available: Tan, Dark Grey, Sea Blue. These are the colour options for the heavy-duty, weatherproof carpet surfaces that cover the Tread Plates. If you would like a different colour combination, please message us. Catipilla Mini dimensions: Total Height: 95cm. Total Width: 100cm. Total Depth: 18cm. Catipilla High Plate dimensions: Total Height: 5cm. Total Width: 60cm. Total Depth: 35cm. The maximum weight that can be held: 8kg. All fixings are supplied in the packaging. Can be placed in indoor or outdoor environments. This bundle can only be installed on flat walls. Catipilla Cat Furniture/Playground Bundle – Combines A Climber, Bed & Cushion. Wall-Mounted, Space-Saving. Indoor Or Outdoor

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