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“” ” Classic cat scratching mat with on both sides so you can attach the cushion to the corner of a sofa or simply wrap around the leg of a chair. Lightweight and sturdy, with a versatile design so you can use it anywhere in the house. Place it in any room to deter your cat from scratching where you don’t want it, you can tie it to the corner of a sofa (compatible with most fabrics) or around the chair leg to prevent your cat from scratching these areas. Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages. Satisfy cats’ natural scratching instinct, non-toxic, safe, safe for your cats. Dimensions: 40 * 30 * 0.5cm, suitable for any side of your sofa, left, right, back or as a cat rest cushion. Product Description: Natural sisal scratching mat Cat Scratching Mat will protect your upholstered furniture with an effective solution Cat mat in natural sisal Save your furniture! Works on all upholstered furniture, such as sofa, chair, rug, loveseat or just wrap around a chair leg. “”

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