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Quick overview: This cat tree condo is constructed of harmless E1-compliant particle board, natural sisal, and skin-friendly soft plush fabric covering. Including 2 fluffy perches, 1 hideaway condo, 5 sisal scratching posts, multiple levels, a jingling furball, and a sisal ladder, this large cat tree composes both an entertaining activity center and a comfy lounging place for your kittens. Highlights: Green Particle Board:Solid structure and selected material secure the safety of your cats. Pet-friendly Plush:Soft and durable plush fabric covering gives your cats the ultimate comfort. Detachable Fur Ball:Dangling fur ball for extra fun. Detachable design for easy repairing. Natural Sisal Rope:High wear-resistance, strong enough to withstand cats’ consistent scratching. Two Top Perches:Ideal observatories for cats to survey their kingdom. Roomy Condo:Provide quiet and warm lounging and R&R room for your kittens. Sisal Covered Stairs:Fully meet kittens’ scratching instinct and help

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