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High-quality materials: Catnip plush cat toy is made of high quality PP cotton and natural catnip, which is soft and does not harm the cat’s paws. Non-toxic, harmless and chemical free cat toys are ideal for kittens to play, bite, chew, cuddle and kick. Best catnip toy: Natural catnip can make most cats excited and crazy. Catnip plush toy has a strong aroma that stimulates cats to play. And it helps to reduce the stress of cats and make them happy. Your pet will love these catnip toys! Good for health: The cat chewing toy for cat helps eliminate harmful plaque and tartar, promote cat oral health, and chewing can also make your cat feel calm and relaxed. Catnip helps burn extra energy of your kitten and help the cat stay fit and healthy. For those overweight or quiet cats, catnip is the best stimulant to make them more active. Portable size: The bright colors, perfect shape and size of catnip toys are not only soft and beautiful, but also easy to carry. Ideal gift for cats: This is the

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