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Slow feed the feline way, with Doc & Phoebe’s Wet Feeder – the only wet feeder designed just for cats. Simply scoop a portion of wet food, squish into the grippers of the Wet Feeder Mouse and serve. Watch your cat enjoy ineteractive, slow feeeding and listen while they purr with joy as the eat. If you are up for it, you can increase the fun by hiding Doc & Phoebe’s Wet Feeder around the kitchen, or around the house. Clean up is easy! Dishwasher safe.
FeaturesInteractive slow wet feeder aids in healthy digestion
Stops Scarf and Barf
Improves aggressive/destructive behavior
Promotes healthy portion control
Includes nubs to grip wet food feeding
SpecificationsMaterial: Rubber
Size: 5.75 in.

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