Planning your cat sit

Congrats, you just found a cat sitting job, communicated with the cat owners, and your sit is confirmed. Now, you should be planning your cat sit accordingly.

One important thing to note before planning your cat sit calendar is that you need to coordinate your work/personal holidays with your boss, family, and friends and arrange for your holidays at least 3 months ahead of time.

Most cat owners submit their cat sitting ads way in advance (some plan their leave one year in advance) as they need to get their stress out of their shoulders and find a reliable and trustworthy cat sitter as early as possible.

In fact, you should be looking at three kinds of cat owners’ ads:

  1. Last minute, urgent cat sitting ads
  2. Medium urgency cat sitting ads
  3. Flexible and relaxed cat sitting ads

In this article, I deep dive into the pros and cons of each type of cat sitting ad.

Confirm a sit before planning your holiday

I used to plan my holidays with my boss then look for cat sitting ads that happen in the same period. Little did I know that the best practice is the other way around. You plan your holidays based on your cat sitting jobs calendar.

When you contact a cat owner who is traveling a year from now, you can easily plan your holiday around that sit. It is very difficult finding a cat sitting job that fits perfectly with your planned holiday, that’s why you confirm a cat sit, and then plan your holiday accordingly.

Local cat sitting – Commuting plans

Bus Rides

Rural Areas

National cat sitting –¬†Transportation Plans

Train Rides

Air Flights

Roomzzz Aparthotels

International cat sitting – Travel Plans

Flight Trips

Airbnb Stayovers



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