How Much Does a Cat Sitter Cost?

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Cat Sitter Prices UK

A cat sitter can cost anything from £0 to £100 per hour, visit, or night. These rates differ depending on where you live, number of visits per day, staying overnight, or length of your trip.

In this guide, we are going to provide you with all the different ways including costs, rates and prices to look after your beloved cats.

  1. Per Hour Cat sitting Costs
  2. Vet, Cattery or Cat Boarding Costs
  3. Short Term Overnight Stay Costs
  4. Long Term Cat Sitting Costs
  5. Per Service Additional Cat Sitting Costs

Cat Sitter Rates Per Hour

The average price for a cat sitter in the UK is £7.37 per hour, according to HomeAdvisor.
HomeAdvisor says this based on an hourly rate of £12.00 and cost of living in London.

In addition to this average rate, you may also be charged by your cat sitter for travel costs such as petrol or lunch expenses; you should check with them about any extra costs before hiring them.

Cat Sitter Visit Rates

Some cat owners would prefer that cat sitters visit their house to look after their cats instead of staying over. These visits can last for up to an hour depending on what work has to be done.

Some cat owners would love their cats to be fussed and petted during those visits. Others would want you to make sure their cats are not left alone for long hours, so they ask you to visit twice a day.

A pet sitter charges on average £8 to £15 for a one home visit or £12 to £25 to pop in twice a day.

cat sitter daily rate

How Much Does It Cost To Board A Cat?

Boarding a cat costs anything from £5.30 to £100 per night, depending mainly on your cat’s behavioural and health conditions.

Although cat boarding is stressful for your cats, it can be a safe option if you want your cats to be monitored and supervised by vets.

You should expect to pay for the following:

  • Vaccinations
  • Flea and worm medication
  • The costs of cat feeding on a daily basis (usually between 15p – 30p per day)
  • The costs of boarding kitty at all times, or just when you’re away from home.

For example, if you board your cat overnight, it could cost as little as £5.30 every night or as much as £15 per week.

In addition to these average prices, you might also be charged by your vet for additional services such as blood tests; check with them about any extra charges before hiring them.

Source: Trip Advisor Boarding Prices in the UK.

How Much to Pay a Cat Sitter Overnight

The rates for looking after cats overnight ranges between £15-50. Keep in mind that these rates are an approximation, depending on where you live, how many cats you are looking after, and what is asked from you.

Long Term Cat Sitter Costs

If you are using a service like, you can hire a cat sitter for long term stay at your house for free, as the pet sitter would not be charged to stay at your house and use the appliances, connect to the Wi-Fi, and cook in the kitchen while looking after your cats.

Additional Cat Sitting Costs Per Service

Cat sitting rates will vary depending on the service you ask of the pet sitter.

These services include:

  • Transportation, commuting, or travel to and from your house: Some cat sitters would need to commute to work or travel to arrive to your house. Discuss if the cat sitter needs to be compensated for such trips to and from your house.
  • Administering medication to your cats: When your cat is suffering from illness or injury it must be treated with the same degree of care as you would give to yourself if you were ill or injured. An experienced pet sitter will likely charge for that special care.
  • Watering the plants: some cat sitters are not familiar with looking after plants, so you might need to ask them first if they have experience or knowledge about plants and provide guidance if necessary. Extra charges may apply.
  • Minimal gardening or lawn mowing: If your house requires regular gardening or maintenance, you might consider discussing it with your cat sitter as some wouldn’t mind chopping off some branches or mowing the lawn. Be generous with the tips.
  • Receiving mail and dealing with cleaners, gardeners, or suppliers: Some cat owners would ask you to open some mail they received and take a photo of the content to send it to them. Others may ask you to coordinate with cleaners, gardeners or suppliers who send cat food or litter or any consumables for the house. Usually this is not compensated but you bring it up during your conversation with the pet sitter so that they know what they’re asked to do upfront.
  • House cleaning: While this service is complimentary most of the times, but some cat owners would ask that you wipe everything clean before you leave. Others might ask you to wash the bed sheets if you stayed over.
  • How much to tip a cat sitter: Also, you can pay your pet sitter in tips or gifts. Many cat owners would bring gifts or leave tips before or after you leave as a token of appreciation. Reward your cat sitters with lovely presents.

Use the cat sitter rates calculator below to see how much it costs you to hire me as a cat sitter.


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The best cat sitters are the ones which communicate regularly and promptly. There is no better way than being prompt, responsive, caring, and friendly with both you and your cats.

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