How and where to find cat sitting jobs online

You have just made the decision to become a cat sitter. Great, because I am going to show you how easy it is to find a cat sitting job almost anywhere around the world (96 countries), especially in the UK, US, Canada, and New Zealand.

All you need is to check the cat sitting house ads, see if it is suitable, get in touch with the cat owner, confirm a sit, and you are all sorted.

Cat Boarding vs Cat Sitting

My experience with cat sitting started with rescuing and fostering cats back home in Lebanon at my own flat, then I have upgraded it to open my own cat boarding place for travelling cat owners in 2018. Unfortunately, due to the COVID lockdown that happened in Spring of 2020, I had to shut down the cat hotel, and left my home country and went to the UK.

In the UK, the culture is different when it comes to holidays for cat owners. They prefer a cat sitter to stay over with their cats while they are away. This is not so common in my hometown, but turns out it is common everywhere else. I wasted no time in signing up for an account in House Sitters UK.

What actually motivated me to catsit is that the landlord where I stay in the UK does not allow pets in the flat, so I had no other option to keep a cat. This did not stop me from accompanying cats, but rather than at my own flat, I started cat sitting in houses in the UK.

Start Local

If you want to start your cat sitting experience, there’s no better place (simpler, convenient, affordable) than local. When speaking about local cat sitting, you do not have to travel and leave your home. For that I use Cat in a Flat UK, and it is a great website to earn some cash from cat sitting (I talk more about earning from cat sitting in this article).

Expand to other areas

Because I was working from home, I have managed to find cat sitting jobs outside Leicester (where I live now). I used House Sitters UK for that. When I started a full-time job, I had to plan my holidays upfront before confirming sits as it is not affordable to commute to work and it is not fair for the cats as I spent most of the day at work and traveling back and forth. I talk about planning your cat sits in this article.

Travel overseas 

Earlier this year, and now that COVID lockdowns and PCRs were lifted, I started planning my holidays outside the UK, and in 6 months, I’ve managed to tour 9 states in the US, and sat at 8 houses. I talk about how I saved on rent and other bills in this article.

Finding cat sitting jobs by country

Below I am listing down 4 different cat sitting websites in 97 countries that I have tried and been extremely happy with. I have tried other websites and apps, but honestly, I did not have a good experience due to difficulty in finding jobs that are suitable and aligned with my holidays.

United Kingdom

United States


New Zealand









Other Locations

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