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When looking for cat sitting jobs, you not only need to set up a powerful cat sitter profile, but also where to find cat owners online and how to keep an eye out on cat sitting ads. You can do that either manually, or set up automated alerts. I don’t have any preference for which is better, but if you don’t want to miss a cat sitting job, you better set up an alert for that.

If you are a working professional, you also need to plan your holidays upfront to be able to know when are the dates you are available for cat sitting.

Let’s start by how to monitor upcoming cat sitting jobs both by email and manually.

Cat sitting alerts by email

You can set up cat sitting ad alerts by email while you enjoy doing other things during your day.

House Sitters UK

House Sitters America

House Sitters Canada

House Sitters New Zealand

In-App cat sitting alerts

Cat in a Flat

Trusted House Sitters

Cat sitting alerts on Twitter

This is one of my favourite strategies to find cat owners. The only drawback is that these cat owners are not necessarily looking for cat sitting now, but I use this technique to build relationships and trust before asking them if they need cat sitting in the future.

What I usually do is I add each cat owner to a Twitter list, or set up a Tweetdeck deck, and monitor their tweets on a daily basis. Once I find a cat sitting opportunity (a cat owner could tweet they’re looking for a cat sitter in your area), I reply offering my services.

Here’s how I set up these saved searches:

Go to Twitter search and type:

“my cat” near:[your area].

So, if you are looking for cat owners in California, you can type in search:

“my cat” near:california.

You’ll get live tweets of cat owners in California talking about their cats.

I’ve set up Twitter searches for you below if you live in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. You can narrow down to a specific state, province, county, or city by changing the location after the word near. Mind that there is no space between near: and the location.

Cat owners live tweets in the US

Cat owners live tweets in the UK

Cat owners live tweets in Canada

Cat owners live tweets in Australia

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