Cat Sitting Jobs

Hi, my name is Taleb Kabbara and I’m a cat sitter just like you. If you are interested in cat sitting jobs, you came to the right place.

I receive tens of calls and emails from cat owners wanting me to cat sit for their cats in exchange for staying over in their homes while they’re on vacation.

Please check my profile and reviews I have received so far from cat owners.

cat sitter reviews US

Because the requests are more than I can handle, I often look for cat sitters in multiple areas to cover for me while I am busy in some other areas.

Would you be interested to list your profile on this website for a chance to be contacted by me if there is a need for cat sitters in your area that I can’t cover?

You will have a dedicated cat sitter profile page for you on this website similar to this one.

If so, please fill up your details here.

Cat Sitting Jobs

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Mid Atlantic

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