How to care for your senior cat

Image Source: Pexels How to Care for Your Senior Cat When it comes to caring for senior pets, it’s important to take note of changes in their behaviour and activity levels to provide them with the adequate care required. While each pet will have its unique set of needs, Catiomedia outlines some suggestions on importantContinue reading “How to care for your senior cat”

Saving on rent and bills while cat sitting

One of the best perks of cat sitting is the notion of saving on rent or utility bills. The concept of exchanging cat sitting services with staying over at cat owners’ houses is amazing. Back home where I first started rescuing, fostering or cat sitting, it was all done at my home. The culture isContinue reading “Saving on rent and bills while cat sitting”

Starting your own cat sitting business

Now that you have filled up your cat sitting calendar for the year, and saved on tons of utility bills and rent, it’s time to take your cat sitting services to the next level. Starting your own cat sitting business is very easy, and there are many ways to earning money from cat sitting. BuyingContinue reading “Starting your own cat sitting business”

Earning money from cat sitting

You’ve been enjoying cat sitting all year long, saving on lots of utility bills and rent, however, you’re not making money from cat sitting yet. This is mainly because most cat owners are offering you stayovers in exchange for your cat sitting services. However, this does not mean you can’t charge for your cat sittingContinue reading “Earning money from cat sitting”

Impressing cat owners with your cat sitting skills

Now that you’ve met the cat owners, confirmed your sit, and started cat sitting, it’s time to impress cat owners with your cat sitting skills. I’ve mentioned briefly how you can earn money from doing extra services next to cat sitting, but that’s definitely not the only way to impress cat owners. Below are multipleContinue reading “Impressing cat owners with your cat sitting skills”

Types of Cat Sitting Ads

Before communicating with cat owners who are looking for cat sitters, it is very important to understand the different types of cat sitting ads and the psychology behind them. In this article I explain three types of cat sitting ads. Last minute, urgent cat sitting ads or cancellations Cat owners often find themselves in deepContinue reading “Types of Cat Sitting Ads”

Getting in touch with cat owners

Now that you have found cat owners and cat sitting ads online, I am going to tell you how to communicate effectively with them. But first, I’d like to differentiate between two types of cat owners: cat owners who are not currently looking for cat sitters cat owners who are currently looking for cat sittersContinue reading “Getting in touch with cat owners”